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Dec 31, 2020

Grand Blue Live Action (2020) Subtitle Indonesia



Due to go to university, Iori Kitahara (Ryo Ryusei) moves and starts living at his uncle's dive shop, Grand Blue, in the beach town. Iori Kitahara hopes to have a fun university life, like hanging out with female students. However, Iori Kitahara ends up being part of a scuba diving club with mostly male students.

The local Dive Club is a group full of fan people who spend more time drinking, partying and stripping naked than actually diving. Despite his efforts to distance himself from the group, Iori was quickly dragged into their behavior. Not only Iori, even new student Kohei Imamura (Atsuhiro Inukai) also joined the scuba diving club.

Meanwhile, Chisa Kotegawa (Yuki Yoda) is Iori Kitahara's cousin, but is not related by blood. He likes scuba diving. He is also a freshman at the same university and a member of the school's scuba diving club. She wanted to show him the magic of diving into the sea and the sea.


JudulGrand Blue 2020
Judul Alternatifぐらんぶる
Jumlah Voter70
Total Episode
Hari TayangUnknown
GenreComedy Drama Live Action


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