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Aug 16, 2021

How to Become a Profitable Game Top Up Reseller

Want to make money while playing games? So just a top up game reseller. You only need a smartphone, you can open a game top up business. Especially now that the number of gamers in Indonesia has reached 150 million people, meaning that 60% of the population in Indonesia plays online games, so the potential created from the opportunity to top up this game is very large.
In addition, there are many ways to become a profitable top up game reseller. Especially if in your area the reseller top up game business is still not familiar, of course this business can be a very promising opportunity.
The Reason Why Top Up Game Reseller Business is Much Interested
1. Many Love Online Games
2. Online Games are Growing
3. Many Gamers Don't Have a Credit Card 

Steps to Register Top Up Game Reseller on UniPlay
First, you first visit the official website of the UniPlay Reseller.
Next, click the Register Now button.
Then you just select the desired Reseller package. UniPlay divides their reseller package into 2, namely the Annual package and the Lifetime package.
You just fill in the data first. If you have filled in the data, all you have to do is click the Continue Payment button.
Then you can select the desired payment method. UniPlay accepts various payment methods such as E-Wallet, Bank Transfer, Modern Store, to ATM.
If you have chosen a payment method, you can immediately complete the payment first.
Safe! You have successfully registered as a UniPlay reseller.
That's how to register as a UniPlay reseller. How? Very easy, right? Moreover, there are many benefits or advantages that you can get by becoming a UniPlay reseller. Some of the benefits that you can get include the following.
UniPlay Reseller List Benefits
1. Cheapest Capital Price
2. Can Directly Sell
3. Rest API available
4. There is UniPlay Point

Well, UniPlay also provides a deposit system using UniPlay Points. So UniPlay Points are UniPlay's official digital currency that can be used to transact on the UniPlay platform.
The value of 1 UniPlay Point is 1 Rupiah. So by making a UniPlay Point deposit, you don't need to bother anymore to transfer via bank or e-wallet.


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