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Dec 28, 2020

The God of High School Subtitle Indonesia Batch Episode 1-13 END


The "God of High School" tournament has started, looking for the greatest fighter among Korean high school students! All martial arts styles, weapons, means and methods for gaining victory are permitted. Gift? One wish for whatever the winner wants. Taekwondo expert Jin Mo-Ri was invited to participate in the competition. There he befriends karate specialist Han Dae-Wi and swordsman Yu Mi-Ra, both of whom enter for their own personal reasons. Mo-Ri knows that no opponent is the same and that the match will be the most violent she has ever fought in her life. But instead of worrying, this prospect made him even more excited. A secret lies behind the transparent test mask of the tournament's claimed fighting prowess - one that makes Korean political candidate Park Mu-Jin watch every fight with hungry and hopeful eyes. Mo-Ri, Dae-Wi, and Mi-Ra will discover what it means to be a Middle School God.


Title: The God of High SchoolNative Title: THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL ゴッド・オブ・ハイスクールType: TVStatus: CompletedEpisode: 13 EpisodeAired: Jul 6, 2020Produsers: Sola EntertainmentDuration: 23 MinuteScore: 7.29Premiered: Summer 2020Credit: Oploverz


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